"1929 Love" live al Cicco Simonetta, Milano

The Trio Project is a real resonance box  for the music initially born on the guitar.

It all started in 2015, with the rearranging of the original songs toghether with double bass player and friend Antonio Bove.

At the drums, besides different occasions that take us to to share our music with other amazing musicians, we keep playing with the groove and the natural flow of Pasquale Guarro.

Who cares if music can't move mountains, when it can  move people's feet?

Pasquale Guaro

"You just gotta keep calm and play dude"

"Il vento tra gli alberi", live for Balcony TV,


"HEY!" live al Cicco Simonetta, Milano

"You know what sound a Double Bass player and a drummer falling from the Eiffel Tower do?

It's a Flem: K'CHA!"

Antonio Bove