Mom wanted to call me "Nico", but the Church needed the name of a saint.

So I let New York City baptise me again: NYC-0, because from that place I strarted it all again.

I first left Italy looking for adventure.

For years I travelled to England, France, Ireland, China, and New York, playing, meeting people, and writing music.

When I moved back to Milan, the town welcomed me like a southern mother:  lovely, but no much mush. Milan is too busy with fashion and business for such manners.

Here I just used to layed down on my balcony hamac, stretch out to my guitar, and play my songs while looking down to the roofs of the city outskirt.

After a while... well, after a while I just left again.

So my music, I'ts more like a travel logbook, you know what I mean? Sraightforward, sincere, personal, yet something I need to share.